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Powerful Analytics

Voyanta’s business intelligence tools give you access to your key portfolio information wherever your work takes you. Our suite of standard reports let you and your clients analyze your portfolio at a consolidated level, with the efficiency of self-service. And our direct Excel integration gives you the flexibility you need for ad-hoc analysis.

Discover powerful insights

See your entire portfolio in one consolidated view, then drill down, slice and dice your data on the fly to find new opportunities for creating value. Standard reports designed to meet the specific requirements of real estate investors and lenders save you development time. Existing reports can be easily modified and entirely new reports can be created to meet your company’s and your clients’ needs.

Deliver best in class investor reporting

Give your investors access to online, interactive reporting and provide them with increased functionality and flexibility. Voyanta’s governable security model lets you control who can see what, with fine-tuned precision. Provide complete, consistent data to your investors, filtered and presented as you want it.

Excel Integration

The Voyanta Excel Add-In combines the strength and security of Voyanta with the power and flexibility of Excel. Users can access the controlled and verified data stored in Voyanta directly in Excel to produce ad-hoc analysis to answer any business question that arises.



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