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Strong data governance is crucial to having reliable data you can trust. Voyanta’s powerful technical and logical validation tools, and robust data management work flow, ensure that you can always be confident in the critical information you rely on to make decisions.

Create rules customized to your business

Voyanta’s intuitive rules builder allows users to create rules with no development required. Validation rules allow you to detect data quality issues before they lead to inaccurate reporting. And mapping rules can be created to automatically standardize and consolidate data from different sources and across regions, allowing you to view your entire portfolio on a consistent basis.

Automated data verification to save time

Save valuable time and eliminate unnecessary steps in the data collection process by using Voyanta’s streamlined data submission, validation and approval work flow to coordinate with internal and external data providers. Voyanta allows you to focus your time and energy on achieving superior investment performance by taking the hassle out of data management.


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Data matters to real estate businesses, but having good data matters even more.

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