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All of Your Data in One Place

Voyanta’s real estate database software allows you to collect information from multiple external and internal sources; from different property management and accounting systems; in different languages, currencies and units of measure. With all your information in one place you can get a complete picture of your real estate portfolio.

Consolidate data from multiple systems

Rather than attempt to standardize on a single property management system across diverse regions, sectors, partners and service providers – a very expensive and difficult undertaking – leverage best in class operational systems and easily collect and standardize data in Voyanta. Having a centralized data warehouse enables you to stay nimble when entering new markets and makes switching service providers easier.

Rely on a single source of the truth

Spreadsheets are not reliable data sources. Storing your information in a data warehouse with strong data governance features will ensure that you always have the accurate, secure and up to date information that your business requires. Give business users confidence in their key data and save time by having one central source of truth easily accessible across your business rather than multiple spreadsheets with potentially conflicting results.

Maximize the value of your data assets

Voyanta’s standardized data model has been specifically designed and developed to address the information management needs of global real estate investment managers. Ensure you have all the data you need from detailed lease information to loan covenants and investment hierarchies in one central location.

Data model

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